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High Tech Auto Repair & Body Work is a trusted vehicle service and repair shop where there is respect for you and your vehicle. We treat you and your vehicle how we treat our own and we strive to keep the lines of communication open throughout your entire experience with us. Excellent customer service and affordable pricing set us apart from the competition. That's why our customers have been loyal and return time and time again for all of their auto repair needs ranging from oil changes to major overhauls.

With technicians that have ongoing training, 30+ years of combined automotive repair experience, and the latest tools, you can expect great service in a timely manner.

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Body Repairs

We do all around body work to your vehicle stop by our shop today for estimates!


Hardcore Rebuild Service

Need a new engine or transmission rebuild? We work with all major mechanical jobs.


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Engine Repair & Rebuild


Brake & Suspension Services


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Frequently ASked Questions

Should I replace my car's spark plugs?

A spark plug performs a critical task for your vehicle's engine. Without a spark plug your engine cannot work. Properly working spark plugs also deliver added fuel efficiency. Most owners manuals say to replace the spark plugs every 80,000 to 100,000 miles. When should you replace your spark plugs? If you just purchased a used vehicle at least every 80,000 miles spark plugs are one of the hardest working parts of a vehicle. If you just purchased a used car, it is best to go ahead and replace the spark plugs. Many car owners delay spark plug replacement until the engine starts "missing." An engine that is "missing" will typically result in a jerking feeling when accelerating. Spark plugs that are severely worn out will create a pinging or knocking sound. These fouled, worn-out spark plugs can lead to extensive engine damage that is expensive to fix. Therefore, replacing spark plugs before they reach the 80,000-mile mark is very important!

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What are some simple preventitve actions I can take to maintain my vehicles good health?

Increase Your Preventive Maintenance Intervals On These Important Services:

  1. Replace your motor oil and oil filters

  2. Top off or replace your coolant

  3. Have your brake pad thickness and brake fluid inspected regularly

  4. Check your tire tread depth

  5. Replace your windshield wipers

  6. Monitor your transmission and steering fluid

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What parts should I look at as "regular maintenance" items that dont cost much to replace?

Schedule regular auto maintenance for these essential systems:

  1. Brakes, including brake pads, brake fluid, calipers and rotors

  2. Tires, including tread wear, proper inflation, front end alignment and balancing

  3. Belts, including serpentine, starter and timing belts

  4. Hoses, including cooling and radiator hoses

  5. Fluids, including oil, transmission, steering, brake, antifreeze and wiper fluids

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Client Feedback.


Jose M

"Honest and straight forward with the work. The owner was generous to have me borrow his car to work while my car was being fixed."


Dom M

"Highly recommend. Mr Rashid and all his staff are very friendly and professional."

Khalid S

"My family and I were on the expressway our car started smoking and overheating. Called one shop and they were very rude to my wife. Called High Tech and Mr. Rashid the owner walked me through my situation, very sweet of him. He found our problem and his mechanic took care of it and sent us on our way. Very blessed to have found him last minute. Thank you so much Rashid"


Danny A

"Best service I’ve ever had with an auto shop. Work is always great, on time, and very reasonable. They are honest! Love this place!"


Shaik H

"Excellent professionals out there only to serve the public. They diagnose the problem correctly."

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